FM2 Flooring

Fm2 Flooring

Like most industries, constructing concrete floors is competitive and demanding. Owners want their floors done faster and flatter than ever before. The drive to achieve these goals fostered an eagerness among concrete contractors to push the performance envelope.

At Vdf Constructions Laser screening technique allows you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size. It dramatically reduces the time, reduce the numbers of construction joints, improves the flatness of floors. It also reduces the number of labor on the site. It eliminates the need of fixing guide rails to every four meters. Laser Screed simultaneously cuts, vibrates & levels the concrete in a single pass. All above operations are controlled by laser transmitter, receivers & computer. So manual errors are eliminated.

In Vdf Constructions Using the latest laser screed machinery, we can lay and high tolerance concrete floor slab of up to 1200m2 in a single day. The tolerances achieved with this machine in free movement slabs are FM1, FM2 (special), FM2, and FM3 in accordance with the TR34 Document.

Advantages of Laser Screed Flooring:

  • Produces floors of unequalled flatness and levelness.
  • Joint less Floor- Joint is the most weak area of a concrete floor. By using Laser Screed Machine we can design Large width area and reduce joints in the floor.
  • Reduces labour due to faster placing time and reduced form work.
  • Increases productivity, customer satisfaction and employee morale.
  • Assures greater accuracy through Laser Technology.
  • Fast track production leads to shortened schedules.
  • Actually improves floor quality and Flatness.
  • Concrete is levelled and compacted in one operation producing high-strength, dense, durable floors.