Groove Cutting


Groove Cutting is the technique to provide control joints in Concrete to guide cracks along a predetermined line and to help accommodate the movement of the concrete and avoid Cracking of Concrete and long-term damage.

Concrete expands and contracts constantly with changes in the temperature, the moisture content of the air and due to drying of cement which results in shrinkage. The movements result in stress that can cause cracks in the concrete and destabilization of the base.

Uncontrolled cracking can cause an uneven surface, which is subject to increased wear over time and water seepage, which can damage the substrate. Though formation of cracks is almost impossible to prevent, it can be controlled. The purpose of the Groove Cutting is to weaken the slab along the predetermined line so that the slab cracks there instead of somewhere else.

Groove Cutting is ideally used for cutting the hard concrete for expansion joints, asphalt pavement cut, pot whole repair cut. Our range of Groove Cutting Machine is used in various applications such as construction industries. Concrete is among the most commonly used building materials. One of the only downsides of this material is its permanent nature; once concrete has had time to dry and cure, it can prove difficult to effectively alter without destroying the finished product. Cutting set concrete is a common procedure for adding anything from aesthetic joints to drains and electric chases. Although this may seem like an intimidating task, it can be successfully completed by just about anyone with the proper tools and instructions.