VDF Flooring


VDF Flooring stands for Vacuum Dewatered Flooring. This is a special technique to do the Concrete Flooring to increase the Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, Abrasion Resistance and to minimize the Shrinkage and Floor Wraps. VDF Flooring results in High Strength, Longer Life, Better Finish and Faster Work.

At our VDF Constructions The Vacuum Dewatered (VD) Flooring method, is a system for laying high quality concrete floors with superior cost-effectiveness. Fixing of channels to required levels, vibrating surface using screed vibrator to the concrete and finally with mechanical operations with Power Trowels, Rotar machines as per standards smooth. The key to the use of this method is the dewatering of concrete by vacuum process.

Fresh concrete contains a continuous system of water filled channels. The technique is generally used on horizontal surfaces, the vacuum being applied through porous mats in turn placed on fine filter pads, which minimise the removal of cement fines.

In this system, the VDF floors or vacuum dewatered flooring, concrete is poured into place and the vibrations from the vibrator particularly on the sides of the panels for the thickness of the floor more than 100 mm. In our VDF Constructions The vacuum dewatering process basically improves strength, durability, and other properties of concrete by reducing the water-cement ratio immediately after the mix is placed, usually in floors and other flatworkLess than half of one percent of the cement is ordinarily removed during vacuum dewatering.