Tremix Flooring

Tremix Flooring

Tremix System also known as Dewatering System is used in making Industrial Floors, Concrete Roads, Runways, Railways Platforms, Warehouse container Yards, Canal Lining, Pathways, Bridges, RCC Roads, etc. The Tremix process gives the below properties to concrete: » Higher Compressive Strengths.

1. Double beam screed vibrator

The screed vibrator shall be self-travelling and shall require guiding along the formwork dragged by two operators. It shall be light weight with high quality heavy duty spring steel and shall be electrically driven. Overall length of the vibrator is 4200mm, width is 410mm, height is 125mm, total weight of the screed vibrator is 128.5kg. Power unit required to drive motor is 2 H.P.

2. Vacuum pump with Hose

It shall enable fast and easy removal of excess water from the freshly laid concrete after compaction and levelling thus allowing floor finishing within 45 minutes of placement of concrete. It shall be electrically operated self-contained units powered by minimum 7.5 H. P electric motor mounted on a transportation trolley. It shall be capable of dewatering at least approximately 35 sqm in one operation. Length of the vacuum pump is 2200mm, width is 660mm, Height is 880mm, Weight of pump is 320kg, pump capacity noted as 110m/Hr. Power unit to drive the motor is 7.5 H.P.

3. Suction mat

The suction mat incorporates the use of large single PVC sheet beneath which is placed with honey combed plastic clothes having an under surface nylon cloth to act as very fine filter. Figure 7 shows the filter mat. Top mat is provided with a short hose. Mat size may be of 7.5x5m or as required for the panel size.

4. Power Floater

It is surface grinding equipment powered by the standard 3 horse power (HP) electric motor. It grinds the surface to make it wear resistance and shall also remove surface modulation prior to final finishing. Overall height of power floater is 980mm with floating speed of 120 RPM overall equipment weight is 140kg with disc weight of 390kg.